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JingMin is the leading brand in Virtual Reality interactive

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Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machine, Grasp the core technology, Industrial intelligent control expert, Virtual interactive leading brand.

Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high tech company focused on intelligent control systems and 5D / 7D / 8D virtual interactive dynamic simulation equipment for many years , has multidisciplinary such as machinery, electronics, communications and software, interdisciplinary, comprehensive technology innovation research strength  rapid transition ability and marketing ability.

As the founder of Chinese industrial MCU control board, the benchmarking company in the field of industrial-grade highly reliable microcomputer intelligent control, Shenzhen Jingmin has the professional advantages of grasping the full range of dynamic simulation technology of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric and owning core control system, therefore we have become the leader, technical experts and the source supplier in the industry of virtual interactive dynamic simulation equipment, won more than 80% market shares in China, meantime won the trust and cooperation of the customers worldwide including many countries in each continents because of our professional and reliable technical service at the same time, have become a leading trusted brand in global virtual interactive entertainment industry. 

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