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9D VR Exploring Park

click: 1439  Publishtime: 2016-04-20

Warmly congratulate the Shandong Dezhou Mr. Li joined the Shenzhen Jingmin Galaxy Phantom 9DVR theme park ~! Franchise has been successfully opened! Business is hot, profit slam!

Mr. Li purchased a two-seater flying theater, three-screen two-seater car, HTC, a set of roller coaster. Mr. Lee's experience in the decoration shop fashion exquisite, unique, store decoration with the product mysterious brilliant light effect, before opening to attract a large number of people stopped to watch, many residents living in the vicinity have said they can not wait to experience a, according to Mr. Lee reflects, and some residents even three times to come ask the store when the opening, amused Miss Lee from ear to ear ~

Sure enough, Mr. Lee opened the store the day on the "overcrowding", and Xiaobian at the scene to see, is simply not falling feet ah ~! Xiaobian heart is very pleased, also visible VR interactive simulation entertainment equipment and precision manufacturing market attractive ~

In this respect, Mr. Li's VR experience shop business booming, earn pours! Sensitive with you ~!





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