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JingMin First VR Park in SZ

click: 1716  Publishtime: 2016-04-20

01  (51)_副本.jpgRecently, the windows of the world is opening of a flagship 9D Virtual Reality (hereinafter referred to as VR) Experience Museum - Galaxy Phantom Virtual Reality Theme Park, people are waiting to experience in big crowds.01  (49)_副本.pngAccording to the scene, said: "Galaxy Phantom Experience Museum has opened since March, people come to experience the fun is a constant stream, the store business is very good. And affordable, all ages, as long as wearing a VR helmet, as if Immersive, the picture realistic, especially get a lot of fun.

01  (26)_副本.jpg

Shenzhen JingMin launches Galaxy Phantom series, mainly to allow more people to feel the unique charm of VR technology, as Ali Taobao recently launches the BUY+, Shenzhen Jing Min also hope put VR technology into life, Bring a better life to enjoy for everyone.

01  (34)_副本.jpgShenzhen JingMin as the world's first virtual reality theme park supplier, has focused on virtual interactive areas for many years, is committed to providing the masses with a complete system solutions, VR technology has unlimited potential, is bound to bring shocking changes in public life.01  (41)_副本.jpg01  (5)_副本.png01  (7)_副本.jpgThe Galaxy Phantom 9DVR Center shop clerk introduced the Galaxy Phantom 9DVR Center in the Window's The World since the opening date, store customers flocked to every day, in the holidays people flow is usually two to three times, and most of them are introduce to family and friends after their own experience to bring together consumption, to the store has brought huge profits.01  (17)_副本.jpg01  (24)_副本.jpgIMG_20160501_200514_副本.jpg

11_副本.jpgShenzhen JingMin introduced the Dino Egg capsule and live CS battle, sucking domestic and foreign players, critically acclaimed. The following take a look at the author at the scene shooting experience, experience in the staff with the assistance of wearing a customized VR helmet, hand simulation guns began a stimulating trip in Anti-drug Golden Triangle. Exquisite picture quality realistic, game plot design interlocking. Two people who took off the helmet were addressing the stimulus.

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