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9D VR Theme Park near Beijing

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  Yinchuan Virtual Reality Experience Museum is located in Yinchuan City, Beijing Road, Forest Park on the north side of the Yi River, Yinchuan City, Culture D District 4, led by the government led by Shenzhen Jing Min second hand Wantong International to create Northwest of the largest virtual reality museum. The museum is one of the world's top technology, is the country currently contains the most content, the most complete equipment, the largest special area, the largest investment (more than 10 million yuan investment) virtual reality museum.

In this case, In the just-concluded Mid-Autumn Festival holiday during the three-day trial operation, the Yinchuan Cultural City to the general public open experience, open every day at 8 pm to close at night, a total reception of tens of thousands of people to experience.

Long queues waiting for the public to experience

       The building is divided into four layers, one layer of virtual reality experience area by the theater district, flight area, racing area and shooting area. The theater area includes a four-seater flying theater and the Galaxy-1 VR spacecraft. The flight zone uses the world's first VR virtual parachute. The racing area includes an immersion racing car and the shooting area is an athletic gun king project. The second floor by the sports area, athletic area and HTC stage area. The sports area includes the world's first virtual rafting, skiing and virtual cycling programs, including the Sensitive Double CS Battle and the HTC four-player platform, including more than 20 HTC Vive, VR, MR mixed reality projects . Each device contains a variety of interactive content, and ongoing updates, is committed to the public to create a full range of land, sea and air VR dream experience trip.

JingMin-four flying theaters and the Galaxy One of the most attention, an endless stream of experience


Experienced in the sensitive VR ski happy on the 'Skiing'     

VR black technology for most people also belong to an unknown fresh field, high-end cutting-edge technology and the effect of the decision to show the VR line experience the hot market, and refined to enrich the product, functionality and appearance, once unveiled, In the Yinchuan Cultural City, the Sensitive VR once again demonstrated its strong charm of the second gathering of popularity, for the experience of the museum opened side, the sensitivity of VR products is suction gold weapon, only the Mid-Autumn Festival, VR product experience Income on investment recovery costs hit nearly 10% of the amazing performance.


 As a state-level high-tech enterprises, domestic VR experience equipment product line of the most comprehensive companies and large-scale high-end VR theme park source research and development suppliers, precision strength in the nest, Dubai mall, Shenzhen Window of the World, OCT and other large high-end venues and Large-scale amusement park to be fully demonstrated, the settled in Yinchuan Cultural City, it is another sensitive major deployment.


 Yinchuan Cultural City Virtual Reality Experience Museum aims at the high-end consumer market, the museum building and supporting facilities investment is huge, and strive to show the perfect fine VR equipment and VR technology charm, in this overall attraction, the consumer experience has been tried Not a certain device a novelty game, but as a new open up another entertainment and leisure. For investors, a huge scale so that the source of customer traffic and customer adhesion is no longer a problem, long-term operation can be long-term profitability. Sensitive also through this project, for the majority of investors given another adaptability and feasibility of a very strong, replicable VR line experience commercial solutions.

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