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JMDM-9D-FC04 9D VR Hanging Flight cinema




Prime of 9D VR interactive entertainment,flying cinema,VR,VR flight,VR flying
  • Introduction

Exclusive patent technology, the leader of industry trends;

120% hyper-reality, immersive adventure;

The Gospel of the milquetoast, the favorite of the brave, constant screaming, infinite happiness;

Unique, an exclusive opportunity to get rich, refuse to homogenization and vicious competition;


Fun degree: 10 Star

ROI index: 10 Star

Product novelty index: 10 Star

2016 amazing real feeling virtual reality  equipment experience 9D VR flight cinema with VR glasses  

Youtube Video : 


What is that?

It is a new technology, called VR amusement theme park equipment, also called fly cinema.One equipmentt equal to a huge amusement theme park, you can play which you want to play but afraid to play in the amusement park, stable and reliable, it can bring you a real experience, do you want to try? Lets Join!

For the investors, it is a best opportunity, more attractive, small location, more selected games, suit for both children and audit,  low invest and high profit, what are you hesitate?  The cost can be returned with in a and half a week.


It has a small footprint, low investment, quick returns, easy to movable operate , both indoor and outdoor operating characteristics, is the latest entertainment devices at the forefront and leading virtual interactive technology,  today's popular investment choice, called cash cow mysterious car ! Cost can be return within one month,  be a millionaires in one year is not a dream!

Packaging & Shipping


Packaging Details: Packed by air bubble film and then outer packed wooden acse;


Delivery: 20  working days for normal order, negotiation for large orders;


Shipping: Sea transportation, Air transportation

2016 amazing virtual reality equipment experience 9D VR flight cinema with VR glasses 

Company Information


2016 amazing virtual reality equipment experience 9D VR flight cinema with VR glasses


High profit for VR amusement park serial products


2016 amazing virtual reality equipment experience 9D VR flight cinema with VR glasses

Certifications CE certificate approved.




  √ How about warranty for 9DVR?

1) One year free warranty

2) Three years for online support, lifetime maintenance.


  √ How about the installation?

1) We have installed all parts and test well before delivery, you only need connect the power supply after you receive the goods.

2) We can send our engineer to your part and install for you if necessary.

3) Welcome to send your staff for free training in our company, our engineer wil teach your staff how to install and operate step by step.


  √ What is the difference between 9D cinema and 5D/7D/8D cinema?

There are four main differences as following:

1. There is no need screen and projectors in 9D VR cinema, just wear the VR glasses, then feel what you see.

2. The players in 9D VR cinema can fully immersive.

3. Don't need cabin for the cinema , can be installed both indoor and outdoor.

4. Small space required, easy to move and management.

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